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Do you work for Tips?

Are you a street dancer, a singer, a guitar player, a bartender, etc.?

Are you tired of performing your skills and losing tips? Because your fans/customers do not have cash in pocket to tip you?



It is quite easy to create your MyTipLife profile. Just register and upload your personal content. Then you are done!

Now you can show you talent to the world! Start receiving digital tips without any charges from us! *



It is quite easy to earn more tips with our Tip Jars. We offer 2 different models that you can choose. All of them are easily customized to your brand and include a QRCode linking to your MyTipLife Account.

Your fans/customers just aim at the QRCode with their phone camera. They will be able to follow your account and instantly tip you with their credit card.


Frequently Asked Questions

As a Tipped Worker does this site cost anything to join?
No – It is Free to join for Tipped Workers

As a Tipped Worker do you take any part of my Tips received on
No – 100% of your tips is yours! You are only charged normal PayPal fees.

As a Tipped Worker do you report my income from Tips?
No – Because your tips are directly to you and not through our system, we have no idea how much you earn and its your responsibility to keep track.

As a Tipped Worker can I post my videos?
Yes - You have ability on your profile to upload videos and promote your work.

As a Tipped Worker can I post as many videos as possible I want?
Yes – Post as many as you want to show talent and keep your customers/fans updated.

Is a social networking community?
Yes – Its up to you to use the community tools that are available. provides tools to make friends, post in newsfeed, upload videos, images, and message other users.

When will the store on open?
The store will be open the week of February 15 th and will provide all Tipped Workers will tools to get more Tips!

Gift Card Game Changer!

Introducing a new way to sell gift cards, expand your reach, drive revenue, and even fundraise!

We've thought of everything! A gift card that can be purchased by anyone at any time with an easy redemption process- all of which can be done be with a mobile phone!



There is no limit! You can create infinite possibilities according to your needs.

1. Sell Gift Cards - The traditional programs are costly. Ours isn't. It's all digital so there are no additional charges for equipment, swipes, or printing cards!

2. Expand Your Reach - Add a link to your social media, email campaigns, or website. Or direct people to our marketplace! We'll even run ads for you!

3. Drive Revenue - Digital gift cards are on the rise, in 2020 sales rose 25% from 2019 and it's typically only the national chains who have access.

4. Fundraise - Create campaigns when you need to increase your cashflow. It's easy but we're here provide support throughout your entire campaign.



How do you redeem a gift card as payment? Just point your camera, either on your phone or tablet, to their their QR code to redeem. You can also log in to and enter the code on your dashboard.

You dashboard is your one stop shop for all things regarding your MyTipLife profile. This gives you the unique opportunity to track and follow up with customers via gift card sales.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much It Will Cost To Sell e-Gift Cards on MyTipLife?
$9.99- Unless you're one of the first 20 establishments in your state. Ask us what that means!

Do I Need Special Equipment to Sell Gift Cards on MyTipLife?
Nope. The great thing about our program is it is a complete turnkey system. You design and sell your gift cards online (an onboarding specialist will help with this!), purchases go through the MyTipLife platform, which you can see in your MyTipLife dashboard, and can be redeemed at your establishment either by scanning a QR code or entering the number into your dashboard. All records are easily accessible via the MyTipLife dashboard.

Do I Need Merchant Services/a Credit Card Processor?
Yes. We are currently integrated with Stripe and we'll integrate your Stripe account with your MyTipLife account.

Is Stripe the Only Merchant Services We Can Use?
As of right now, yes. We are exploring offering additional integrations. Let us know who you're working with and we'll add them to the list!

What Happens After I Sign Up for MyTipLife?
One of our team members will be in touch to complete the enrollment process and answer any additional questions you may have. Once youare ready to come on board, one of our onboarding specialists willwork with you to get you all set up!

Am I Obligated to Use The Service If I Sign Up?
Not at all! But we know you're going to love MyTipLife as much as we do!

Can I Set a Campaign or Goal To Sell Cards?
Yes! That is the great thing about! You set the price of your gift cards. We can provide guidance but this is your business and the choice is up to you! For campaigns, we suggest selling the gift cards at a discounted price. We are happy to help you decide what discounts work best for you. Whenever a gift card is purchased it shows in your campaign dashboard.

Do I Have To Wait Until the Campaign Goal Is Reached Before Receiving Funds?
No. That goal is for you! You receive payments instantly on every gift card purchase.

Does Take A Percentage Of My Sales?
No - you receive 100% of the gift card price. We only charge $14.99 per month. Your only fees are those of Stripe.


There are millions of people that work for Tips in the United States and around the world. These hardworking people include: Waitstaff, Bartenders, Baristas, Musicians, Artists, and many more struggling to make a living. created a Social Networking Home for Tipped Workers and those that support them.



Talented Tipped Workers can upload their content at Follow them, watch their videos, and tip your favorite ones! If you decide to Tip a Tipped worker, the whole amount goes to them. Excluding normal PayPal fees. Join now and be part of this amazing community! REGISTER NOW


Do you have a favorite establishment you would like to see stay in business? Want to help them out and receive a great deal while doing it? Restaurants sell Gift Cards at a discounted rate to raise funding for their goal.

For example, a favorite Establishment might sell a $100 Gift Card for $80 or even less! You help them with funding, and you will also get a great deal!

What are you waiting for?



Have you purchased a Gift Card from an Establishment in another State to help them out and you are unable to use it? Or you will not use the Gift Card you purchased locally? No Problem!

You can list it to be Resold in our Gift Card Marketplace. Any Gift Card you have purchased under MyTipLife Establishment campaign can be listed for resale at a price you designate. You can help an restaurant and potential resell the Cards for a profit! Is not this awesome!


Frequently Asked Questions

As a FAN/CUSTOMER does this site cost anything to join?
No – It is Free to join for Fans.

As a Fan what is my role in
Fans are the most important part of our community. Their jobs are to watch videos and talents of the tipped workers and tip as you feel fit! In addition, local restaurant will offer special deals on gift cards at significant value. You can support these restaurant by helping them reach their goal and purchase gift cards from them.

As a Fan can I post my videos?
Of Course - You have ability on your profile to upload videos.

Is a social networking community?
Yes – It is up to you to use the community tools that are available. provides tools to make friends, post in newsfeed, upload videos, images, and message other users.

WE’LL SHARE up to 50% of all net ad revenue will be sharing up to 50% of all net advertising revenue we receive on our site for our members who work for Tips. Each and every month we will have a very special "Tipping Day.

Our goal is to generate as much money as possible for our members who will randomly receive tips to help pay off bills, achieve life goals, or simply donate extra dollars to them that month.


Tips, tips and more tips

Our staff, special guest celebrities or influencers will be reviewing videos posted by members and randomly surprising these lucky members with a special ad sharing tip.

A tip from our ad share program could be as small as an amount like $5 or even as generous as $1000+. We are only limited in our tipping to the number of active members we have on our site.

A visitor to the website can join for FREE and be fully confident that every time they watch a video a portion of that ad revenue is going to be used as a tip each month.


What we are looking for?

Each month we will be watching videos that have a story to them. If you need funds for expenses, education, creative endeavors or other life needs please post the story up on your profile in a video.

We aren’t looking at quality of videos just more what the purpose is. Remember, your customers also will be looking at your videos and a good video equals more digital tips from them as well!

Video has to be within our guidelines (no porn, nudity etc) things like that. Our advice be real and make video real and see what happens.



We will only be tipping those members who work for Tips. The only way we can find you to Tip you is to register as a Tipped Member and upload videos of you at your workplace.

This shows you work for Tips. A video inside the restaurant, bar, nightclub or performance confirms you as a Tipped worker and allows you eligible to potentially receive our monthly Tipping.