We Tip You

MyTipLife.com will be sharing up to
50% of all net ad revenue

MyTipLife.com will be sharing up to 50% of all net advertising revenue we receive on our site for our members who work for Tips. Each and every month we will have a very special "Tipping Day.”

Tips, tips and more tips

Our goal is to generate as much money as possible for our members who will randomly receive tips to help pay off bills, achieve life goals, or simply donate extra dollars to them that month.

Our staff, special guest celebrities or influencers will be reviewing videos posted by members and randomly surprising these lucky members with a special ad sharing tip.

A tip from our ad share program could be as small as an amount like $5 or even as generous as $1000+. We are only limited in our tipping to the number of active members we have on our site.

A visitor to the website can join for FREE and be fully confident that every time they watch a video a portion of that ad revenue is going to be used as a tip each month.

Think about this! The more people who join our website, MyTipLife.com and are actively watching videos, will generate more money than we can give directly to our tip members on our site.

What we are looking for?

Each month we will be watching videos that have a story to them. If you need funds for expenses, education, creative endeavors or other life needs please post the story up on your MyTipLife.com profile in a video.

We aren’t looking at quality of videos just more what the purpose is. Remember, your customers also will be looking at your videos and a good video equals more digital tips from them as well!

Video has to be within our gudielines (no porn, nudity etc) things like that. Our advice be real and make video real and see what happens.

Only Tipped Workers

We will only be tipping those members who work for Tips. The only way we can find you to Tip you is to register as a Tipped Member and upload videos of you at your workplace.

This shows you work for Tips. A video inside the restaurant, bar, nightclub or performance confirms you as a Tipped worker and allows you eligible to potentially receive our monthly Tipping.

Please read our Guidelines and Terms of Service to understand futher how this works. We do this simply because we care about Tipped workers and love tipping them!

Terms of Service