About us

My Tips, My Life - MyTipLife.com

MyTipLife.com purpose is to create a video platform for those who work for TIPS. These include and not limited too, Bartenders, Waitstaff, Baristas, Delivery Drivers, Uber and Lyft Drivers and others.

We have created a platform for the Tipped worker to share their goals, creativity and also get additional digital tips directly to their PayPal account with no fees from us. In addition, we have store of products ranging from Business Cards to Tip Jars that provided branded promotional to the Tipped workers page on MyTipLife.com through QR Codes.

MyTipLife.com also shares up to 50% of it’s net advertising revenue each month with Tipped workers who post video stories in our monthly random tipping!

MyTipLife.com has declared 2020 “The Year of the Tipped worker” to assist the Tipped Worker reach their personal goals and get the respect and opportunities they deserve.