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John The Main Main Jones

A MUSIC & EVENTS <br />(Augustine Music and Events) <br />09173520410 <br />09298870976 <br />9300621 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Professionally trained musicians for all events and dedicated group to attend to all wedding needs, corporate event, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, ballroom, concerts - small or big with the same ardor of passion required for commendable performance. <br /> <br />As Filipino musicians, they provide best music and songs the best they can especially weddings. As wedding musicians in Manila, Philippines, they promise the quality it needs. <br /> <br />(Special Wedding Offer) <br />Quartet <br />Keyboard, Violin, Bass with Free Vocal <br />Plus <br />Two Coordinators and Hosts the Reception Program <br />15,000 <br /> <br /> <br />Quintet – Keyboard, Violin, Flute, Bass and Vocal <br />(Powerful Group Combination like a Mini Orchestra) <br /> <br />String Quartet - Piano, Violin 1, Violin 2, Bass with free Vocals <br />(High-level Performance) <br /> <br />Standard Quartet - Piano, Violin, Bass and Vocals <br />(Versatile Performance) <br /> <br />Romantic Trio - Piano, Violin and Vocals <br />(Evokes love and romance through music) <br /> <br />Jazz Trio - Piano, Bass and Vocals <br />(Exudes Soul Music) <br /> <br />Intimate Duo - Piano and Vocal/Violin <br />(Relaxed Casual Performance) <br /> <br />Classical Musicians <br />(Provide Highest Form of Music Portrayal from Selected Classics) <br /> <br />Funeral Musicians <br />(Make the moment heavenly special with proper music) <br /> <br />PROFESSIONAL WEDDING EMCEE - directs a smooth sailing program flow <br /> <br />PROFESSIONAL WEDDING SINGER - performs significant songs for an event <br /> <br />Wedding Event Management - Four Coordinators with Program Host <br />(Make Wedding Stress-Free from Professionals) <br /> <br />SOUND SYSTEM - adds music continuity

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