WAITRESS + WAITER Interview Questions And Answers! (Waitress Interview Prep Guide)

Phillip Clooney
Phillip Clooney
16 Jan 2021

Download my Waiter/Waitress Interview Questions & Answers: https://passmyinterview.com/wa....itress-waiter-interv
If you have either a waitress or a waiter interview coming up with a restaurant, hotel or eatery, make sure you prepare fully for the following interview questions:

Q. Why do you want to be a Waitress/Waiter and what can you bring to the role?

Q. What are the 7 most important things to consider when carrying out your duties as a Waitress/Waiter?

Q. Why do you want to become a Waitress/Waiter with our restaurant/eatery over the others within the local area?

Q. What skills, qualities and attributes do you have that are a match for a role as a Waitress/Waiter?

Q. Describe the steps you would go through when dealing with a customer complaint?

You Should Also Make Sure You Demonstrate The Following Skills & Attributes During Your Waiter / Waitress Interview:

- An ability to provide excellent customer service;
- An understanding of how to properly deal with a complaint;
- A flexible approach to your work and able to work the hours specified;
- Basic numeracy skills and a positive and cheery attitude whilst at work;
- Able to follow and adhere to food hygiene and safety standards.

This interview training video will help anyone prepare for a hospitality, waiting, fine dining server, a waitress or waiter interview, and it focuses on how to demonstrate the right customer service qualities and also how to deal with complaints effectively when you have no experience.

You can connect with interview expert and coach, Richard McMunn on LinkedIn.com at:

Download Richard's full set of Waiter/Waitress interview questions and answers at:

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