Bartending's Dirtiest Secrets, Revealed

16 Jan 2021

Listen, bartenders live different lives than us civilians. And they’ve definitely seen some shit. So we asked them to name the dirtiest secrets about their profession—from their libertine lifestyle to how much trash they’re talking about us.

Check out the bartenders featured:
Devon Tarby,, Los Angeles
Leslie Ross,, Houston
Chad Solomon,, Dallas
Jeremy Hawn,, New York City
David Kaplan,, New York City
Ivy Mix,, Brooklyn
Naomi Levy,, Boston
Freddy Schwenk,, Nashville
Steve Schneider,, New York City
Tim Cooper,, New York City
Ryan Wainwright,, Los Angeles
Ezra Star,, Boston
Jennifer Colliau,, San Francisco

Producer, Director & Writer: Jeremy Repanich
Editor: Backlot Digital
Executive Producer: Brian Berkowitz

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