8 Tips for Delivery Drivers to Help Maximize Tips [also applies to Uber and Lyft drivers as well!]

Jacob Moore
Jacob Moore
18 Jan 2021

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Are you looking for delivery driver job tips? Do you work for Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, or Papa John's Pizza? Are you looking for Uber driver tips on how to maximize tips as an Uber Driver or a Lyft Driver? Do you have a delivery driver job? Are you a truck driver or a delivery truck driver? Do you have a truck driving job? Do you want delivery driver training? Do you want to hear a delivery driver story that will help you gain more tips? Are you a delivery driver trying to figure out how to get bigger and better tips from customers? I've got a few solutions for you! Thank you for watching!

In this video I explain some ways to get better tips as a pizza driver or a delivery driver! I have worked as a 'Delivery Expert' at Domino's Pizza for over 2 years now. During that time, I have learned things that have helped to maximize the tips that I get:

Tip #1: Have good hygiene. Make sure that you shower before you go to work, make sure that your hair is pulled back and neat (because you will be working with food), and make sure that your teeth are brushed. This will make a good impression on the customer (and also your boss).

Tip #2: Look presentable. Make sure that your work uniform is washed and properly tucked in. Also, make sure that you have on nice, clean shoes!

Tip #3: Be polite. Be sure to smile and address customers that are older than you as "ma'am" and "sir". Being polite goes a long way. Customers like when you are polite.

Tip #4: Treat every customer the same. As a pizza driver (or delivery driver), we are exposed to different levels and types of living and it is easy to judge one person against another, but the best way to maximize your tips is to treat every customer the same, no matter what.

Tip #5: Drive carefully. Customers will not tip erratic or frightening drivers.

Tip #6: No loud music. When you blast your music upon entering a neighborhood, you disrupt that neighborhood's vibe and it is very disrespectful. When you turn into a neighborhood, turn down your music. It is the polite thing to do.

Tip #7: Be mindful of customer instructions. For example, if a customer instructs you to call them when you are on your way, then you should call them when you are on your way! Or if a customer asks you not to knock on their door, then you should not knock on their door! Customers like it when you follow their instructions.

Tip #8: Never expect a big tip. When you set yourself up for expectations, you always get disappointed!

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Video produced and edited by Lamarr Townsend.

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