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After you register, our concierge will reach out within 24 hours to set up a time to guide you through the rest of the process. This includes creating your MyTipLife account, reviewing the dashboard, as well as creating and redeeming your digital gift cards. If you'd like to launch a campaign, your concierge will help with that as well!

Our concierges are here to provide you with personalized service for your MyTipLife account.

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Make the Most of Your Campaign

When we say “make the most,” we mean that literally. You can make the most from your gift card campaign since we don’t take any of your revenue! 100% of your gift card sales go right back to you! Whether you're running a campaign or just offering your gift cards to a broader audience. Plus, unlike other crowdfunding sites, you can run as many campaigns as you would like!

Be a Founder to Unlock Additional Benefits!

The first 20 restaurants or food trucks to register for MyTipLife, will be placed on our Founder's Wall and be offered an opportunity for a co-branding ad campaign. We want you to be successful! So, when we promote MyTipLife, we will also be promoting your establishment. Every founder, only 20 per state, will be featured in our digital ad campaigns if they choose this option!

Our current gift card campaign is open to new restaurants until we reach 20 per state. Afterwards, we’ll be using our marketing campaign that will reach MILLIONS of social media users and email campaigns to bring in countless new fans and tipped workers. There are limited spaces to become part of this incredible offer, so don’t wait! Get registered today!

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